Meet the Altum Team

Alpha Jalloh - Strategic Accounts & Sales Management

For more than 18 years, Alpha has spearheaded successful sales programs worldwide. His expertise is leading strategic sales initiatives, developing innovative programs based on analysis... Read more

Brad Edgar, Group Advisor - Environmental, Emissions & Regulatory

Brad is a leader in developing large-scale emissions reduction and environmental protection programs in states such as California, New York, and Texas. He has a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Berkeley and... Read more.

Chris Behan - Branding & Strategic Marketing

Chris is an accomplished strategic marketing professional with 30+ years of experience developing and spearheading successful integrated branding and marketing communications programs... Read more.

Gregory Borden – International Business Development

Greg has been an international business development leader for over 30 years and across 50 countries – penetrating new markets and developing strategic growth programs that routinely exceed expectations... Read more.  

Kenneth Jofs – International Engineering & Project Management

With more the 30 years of experience in both engineering and senior management roles, Kenneth provides extensive experience in a variety of industries throughout Latin America... Read more

Kenneth Wyatt – Physical, Data & Cyber Security

Kenneth provides over 18 years of experience leading data and physical security initiatives in the US, Europe, Central and South America. His proven and thorough understanding of the constantly-evolving security and risk environment... Read more

Michael Mutter – Intellectual Property & Technology Protection

Mike has practiced in intellectual property law for over 35 years, with specific expertise in the areas of patent prosecution, licensing, litigation and post grant proceedings. His experience acting as counsel... Read more

Miguel Zweig – Market Assessment & Strategic Planning

With more than 40 years of experience with international strategic planning, competitive intelligence and market assessments in Europe, Africa and the Americas, Miguel is a seasoned veteran at evaluating... Read more

Misagh Tabrizi P. Eng. – Product Design & Manufacturing Engineering

Misagh’s has over 10 years of experience with product development - spearheading new designs, as well as identifying design simplifications, cost reduction opportunities and product... Read More.  

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