Heavy-Duty Diesel

Our experience and insight give you the advantage in a competitive and highly regulated segment.

Managers in today’s heavy-duty diesel (HDD) segment are experiencing increasingly-stringent competitive and regulatory conditions. Though many observers and consultancies equate HDD with automotive, the experienced consultants at Altum Global recognize these segments are dramatically different.

Leaders within the HDD segment are faced with far-reaching strategic decisions - ranging from future driveline technology evaluation, product line mix based on application and duty cycles, to shifting regulatory and political environments, to future transportation models driven by relentlessly advancing technology.

These decisions will have a ripple effect on both the HDD industry and ultimately how the world works over the next decade. Altum Global collaborates with companies and organizations throughout the HDD industry to address the complex challenges that determine the future.

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • OEM Suppliers (all tiers)
  • Equipment Dealer & Service Groups
  • Aftermarket Manufacturers
  • Emissions Retrofit Manufacturers
  • Aftermarket Distribution Channel Members
  • Regulatory Agencies and Groups

We’ve helped clients across the industry to make the right decisions to create breakthrough results that generate growth through a variety of factors, from improved efficiency, to innovative deployment of new technologies, to building leading brands that provide value. 

As leading consultants in the HDD industry, Altum offers extensive global experience helping executives in North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America address the critical strategic, operational, and marketing challenges required to leverage strengths, address weakness and succeed in this stringently competitive and regulated marketplace.

To learn more about Altum’s global heavy-duty diesel industry experience, please download our industry overview. Or to confidentially discuss your specific challenges, please contact us.

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