Aerospace & Defense

Vision and guidance that help your ideas take flight.

Today’s aerospace industry is highly-dynamic and multi-segmented - ranging from commercial transportation to defense to orbital and space exploration technologies. Each of these segments has radically different applications, expectations, dynamics and business processes which must be understood for you to be successful.


Decisions you make today will have long-ranging effects on both your company and the industry over the next decade. Altum Global works with clients throughout the aerospace industry’s discrete segments to address the complex challenges that will determine the future of their organization’s trajectory. 

  • Aircraft Manufacturers (fixed-wing, rotorcraft, orbital & space exploration)
  • Industry Suppliers (components, engineered materials, etc.)
  • Maintenance & Repair Operations (MROs) 
  • Military Organizations & Defense Contractors
  • Government & Regulatory Agencies
  • Technical Consultancies to the Industry

We’ve helped clients across the industry to make the right decisions to create breakthrough results that generate growth through a variety of factors, from improved efficiency, to innovative deployment of new technologies, to penetrating new market segments.


As leading consultants in the aerospace industry, Altum offers extensive global experience helping executives in North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America address the critical strategic, operational, and marketing challenges required to leverage their strengths, address their weakness and succeed in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

If you would like to learn more about Altum’s aerospace industry experience or confidentially discuss your specific challenges, please contact us.

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